Mónica is uniquely qualified to rebuild our economy during and after COVID-19.

“As your councilwoman, I will fight to preserve and protect the city that we love and rebuild DC so we can continue to become a world class city. Workers and businesses are suffering unprecedented insecurity and they need our help now more than ever.  All businesses and all workers need our help and no one should be locked out of receiving help from our District government.”

Goals & Priorities:

Provide long-term assistance through grants and loans to help small businesses survive extended closures and adapt and reinvent services.

Ensure grants and loans are timely and accessible businesses and neighborhoods most in need.

Deliver safety net services that help all workers have a place to live, keep food on the table and pay their bills.

Increased enforcement of laws protecting the safety of essential workers as well as resources for employers not yet in compliance.


Mónica is uniquely qualified to serve students and schools in DC.

“We need a whole-child approach. We cannot continue to ask the same of all schools if we are not willing to give some students more in order to get there.  We know now more than ever that while we all want students to achieve the same goals they do not start out at the same place and we cannot expect them to reach the same finish line at the same rate without additional support and resources. Equity is not giving each school the same, it is putting additional monetary support and services where kids need them most."

Goals & Priorities:

Prioritize student safety and well-being by removing police officers from schools and increasing funding for students health related needs.


Pioneer a comprehensive planning model that delivers more coordinated planning and funding for all LEAs. More coherent fiscal planning and more transparency that places equity and meaningful growth for all students as key priorities.

Deliver support to parents who are essential workers or who need support keeping their children home so all families can have more safe options for child-care as we continue facing COVID-19.


Mónica is uniquely qualified to fight for Housing as a human right.

“I believe that housing is a human right. This means we need a 10 year plan to reduce the displacement of low income and middle income families. We must take aggressive action to pass rent control laws, invest in permanently affordable housing and provide help for families experiencing great hardship due to COVID-19.”

Goals & Priorities:

 Reform the District’s Rapid Rehousing Program and reduce the number of individuals and families cycling back into emergency shelters.

 A 50% increase in investments for permanently affordable housing for very low income households and develop a 10 year plan to increase the stock of affordable housing in the District.

 Support expanding rent control in order to slow the pace of rising rent.


Mónica is uniquely qualified to lead the fight for Statehood.

“The fight for statehood is a fight against systemic racism. I will continue to fight for DC statehood because we deserve the same voting rights that all other tax-payers in the U.S. enjoy – denial of these rights means that as DC residents we are being denied our constitutional rights and human rights.”

Goals & Priorities:

  Finally have a voice through our voting members of the House of Representatives and Senators – this is fundamental to our democracy.


 Gain full control over passing our local laws – no more Congressional control over our local issues such as stricter gun control laws and regulation of marijuana.

Statehood means we will run our own local courts and have control over local prosecutors and the criminal justice system- including parole, probation and prison.

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