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Apr 06, 2022
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There are many myths surrounding the complex clues used by search engines to determine priorities. I will break down nine such myths below and share the four important aspects. Myth SEO 9 Time domain. One of the most popular myths is that older platforms have a stronger rank. This is not true. Major search engines have access to domain age, IP address and owner. However, Google’s John Mueller confirmed that the whatsapp phone number list age of the platform is not a ranking indicator, tweeting, “…The web era, on the other hand, has more significance. New websites - at least six months old - have problems with rankings. The age of the backlink also has an effect on the ranking. And the age of a website tends to lead to more backlinks. However, even a site that has been around for 25 years will not rank well unless there are other related sites along the way.
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